The Mitch Belot Band incorporates a swampy story telling style and modern rock flare. Mitch hooks audiences with his powerful, smoky voice, and gets them on their feet by incorporating fast tempos and heavy grooves into the songs. While The Mitch Belot band members are first and foremost humble students of the blues, They add a taste of rock to the naturally ear pleasing sound that permeates their repertoire. 

Mitch, as well as his Wife and bandmate Justine Rowbotham, consistently aim to create a memorable and fun atmosphere every time they hit the stage. They easily come together to put forth a cool and interesting new sound that grabs the audience’s attention right away. For bigger audiences and events, the two are found playing with 3 other musicians, coming together as a 5-piece band to create a larger sound. 

Mitch, Justine, and the band have performed throughout Canada showcasing their talents and entertaining large audiences. They have taken part in the NXNE festival in Toronto where they appeared on the list of top 100 acts to see during the festival. They have also played other festivals like: Canadian Music Week and Juno Fest. As well as supported other successful bands including Trooper, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, and The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer. 

The Mitch Belot Band is filled with excitement and potential. They will always be connected to music, whether that means playing in front of large crowds, or staying close to home and opening a guitar shop. For now, the band just wants to be heard so that they can bring bluesy happiness to all who listen.